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The Field Master is also fully repairable.

A super compact, 12 hour run time digital night and day unit, fitted with dual accessory rails and supplied with a T20 Oslon Black multi-setting focusable infra-red emitter and 1000 lumen flashlight.

But we don’t stop there! The Field Master also comes supplied with double sets of accessory batteries, standard and remote switches, chargers and mount rings; everything you need in one box, straight out of the box… all for £385!

The Field Master is just 60% the size of the Hunter but with no loss of function, the Field Master main unit weighs in at just 850 grams.

Comparison of Hunter and Field Master

The Field Master sports a pair of weaver rails to which a number of shooting aids can be fitted. In line with Pitch Black wanting to offer exceptional value for money the Standard unit comes supplied not only with an infra-red emitter but also a hi-output visible light spectrum torch (circa 1000 lumens) and even supply both with a set of batteries. As if this wasn’t enough, the infra-red emitter is in fact a top spec’ Oslon Black T20 unit, good for distances of up to 300* yards in total darkness!

Also in the pipeline is a state of the art laser range-finder which works in unison with the Field Master view screen allowing for real time range confirmation and a compact recording unit.

Given that the view angle of the Field Master is already wide enough to act as a very capable spotter, the addition of the range finder makes the Field Master an all in one shooting tool.  From being able to adjust brightness and colour settings via easy access controls on the view screen itself to the custom designing reticule feature, the Field Master allows you to shoot the way you want.

What Nigel Allen, Editor of Airgun Shooter has to say:

“I’m in no doubt that Pitch Black Night Vision is going to revolutionise night hunting, the quality of their sight picture is astounding. The 5x magnified image is better than any GEN2+ NV optic I’ve ever tested. I can see it becoming one of the biggest-selling shooting accessories of the foreseeable future!”

Mat Manning, Shooting Author and review writer:

“Reassuringly simple in function and form, the Pitch Black Hunter delivered the goods on a seriously tough night’s hunting. I’m very impressed.”

Richard Bingham, CEO BEST Fittings:

“The Field Master from Pitch Black Night Vision is a breath of fresh air in the field of night vision. It is designed around proven technology matched to give the greatest optical advantage, and is neatly packed into a fully self-contained unit weighing no more than a good quality scope. Having the capability for full daytime or night time use, there really is no need to have 2 shooting set-ups anymore. This unit really does bring all of the benefits of night vision within the reach of many more shooters, and we here at BEST Fittings heartily approve!”

Michael Bell, CEO Target Sports:

Nic Wenham at Pitch Black Night Vision, has released his latest edition to the NV world, the Field Master. Having used this and put it through its passes I could not believe how well this unit works. Having a dedicated NV unit with superior clarity at 300 yards simply is a work of genius.  I’m impressed with its 1 shot calibration and that the unit will give you what you need all night & day. Whether you’re wanting to customise the reticule to your own preference or change the colour of the reticule, I found the menus very easy to navigate. The fully focusable T20 IR and T6 flashlight that come with this unit are fantastic for your illumination and the 4.3” inch screen offers superb image quality. With its x5 magnification and AV out you can also record your hunts with total clarity. Add the 12 hour run time to this day/night package you really do have a straight out the box set up. You can be sure this unit will put a big smile on your face. I look forward to taking this unit back out and using it again.

Pitch Black Night Vision… It’s Time To See The Night.

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