It’s time to see the night...




And now £350 buys you an EVEN BETTER specification:

  • 200+yards usability straight out of the box. No having to buy better IR units, like some.
  • NOW WITH INDEPENDENT IR POWER SWITCH – Increasing shooting times.
  • Full colour LCD TFT screen and superb image clarity; you won’t need an additional spotter.
  • Day time, twilight and night time use without having to buy an adapter.
  • UNIQUE fully customisable reticule (design, colour, line weight and opacity)
  • Compact design with hard-anodised body.
  • Endorsed by some of the most respected names in the industry.
  • Next day UPS delivery.

The Hunter allows for a dedicated night shooting set up

for less than an NV unit alone from some companies.

The realistic price of the Hunter means that you could buy a Hunter and second rifle to create

a dedicated 200 yard night shooting kit, for less money than some of the competitions NV units alone.

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Nigel Allen, Editor, Airgun Shooter.  “I’m in no doubt that the Hunter from Pitch Black Night Vision is going to revolutionise night hunting, the quality of it’s sight picture is astounding. The 5x times magnified image is better than any GEN2+ NV optic I’ve ever tested. I can see it becoming one of the biggest-selling shooting accessories of the foreseeable future!”

So, The Hunter – Why Scopeless?

Pitch Black Night Vision offers performance and practicality through efficient design and state of the art technology. Designed and built by the winner of the Philips International Award for Technical Innovation, with over 15 years experience in commercial and industrial lighting industries, and a passion for shooting, Pitch Black Night Vision equipment has been designed to offer a complete, high quality night vision solution without spending a fortune. We like to think of it as offering today’s shooter “The Best of All Worlds”

Pitch Black Night Vision – UK Delivered


The Hunter’s “Core” design utilises a direct optics format, eliminating the requirement of a day scope altogether. This approach removes any possibility of parallax error that might arise with scope mounted systems. Added benefits also include keeping weight down (unit weighs just one kilo) and ensuring minimal rifle profile by way of an integral power cell and flip-out TFT monitor. This super compact design results in greatly reducing the risk of snagging equipment when stalking quarry.

In addition, Pitch Black Night Vision’s camera and infra-red array are precisely matched to ensure that not just “eye shine” is visible at long range. The highly efficient infra-red array has been specifically coupled with the bespoke intelligent exposure camera allowing for buildings, trees and other objects to be clearly identifiable at distance. This directly translates to improved range estimation at longer distances and identification of quarry that could otherwise be missed.

Why Settle For Less When Pitch Black Night Vision Offer So Much More?

Amazing Clarity For Improved Quarry Acquisition And Range Estimation.

Typical resolution at 40-50 yards.


User friendly built in menu system allows one shot calibration and easy customisation of crosshair design, colour and weight. Add up to an additional 6 aim points to perfectly suit your shooting style or environment.

Built in Menu System

And It’s Not Just For Night Shoots…

As well as outstanding night performance, the Hunter night vision unit provides a new dimension at dawn and dusk. With its intelligent exposure technology, the Hunter can take full advantage of low light conditions enabling identification of field and quarry in full colour. At light levels that would make it impossible to do the same with the naked eye or standard scope shooting, Pitch Black Night Vision’s Hunter gives the shooter a massive advantage in twilight conditions.

Day Shooting at 60-70 Yards


The Hunter now comes complete with built-in 12 hour lithium polymer power cell, charger, anti-light flare tube, (for use on rifles with non-integral moderators) spare fuse, mounting tool and free UK delivery.

 Hunter Product Features

  • Super compact “scopeless” design for ease of use in the field. – Just 100mm high.
  • High efficiency infra-red array for maximum shooting time.
  • Flip out TFT LCD monitor.
  • Weighs no more than most 50mm objective lens scopes.
  • Bespoke design camera.
  • Superior “hard-anodised”, scratch resistant finish.
  • Superb image clarity at low light levels.
  • One shot calibration.
  • Fully customisable reticule design.

200 Yard Night Vision In One Box, Straight Out Of The Box.


Pitch Black Night Vision… It’s Time To See The Night.

Pitch Black Night Vision – UK Delivered